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  • christopher 2:09 pm on May 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Blog Reconstruct Upcoming 

    Changing this blog format to more like a pinterest style.

    Hopefully the procrasternations wont catch me. Maybe a few days.

  • christopher 2:07 pm on May 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    They say that a core component to happiness is experiencing new things. 

    Now I am working on an ancillary project to up my ante in my skills. I started to learn photography skills professional style.
    New hashtag on the way #NovelSee    — Get it? Novelty and See together.
    Well its just something I just improvised here just now. But I will post my photos on my FB profile and maybe twitter. So search #NovelSee and check it out and add me as a friend or whatever.
    – Chris
  • christopher 3:10 pm on January 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The Fast Life 

    It is amusing to think back on things that I wanted to learn or do or become that I did not learn or do or become. If I had only stuck with it. If I had only spent 10 minutes a day on those things, boy it is 10 years later, then now I would be a virtuoso!

    This is what I am studying and building. Grit. How to get onto those things and stay with it. But more than that it is how can you take those things and turn them into absolute “ease” and make it fun. This is what is happening to me as I am building a simple system that puts just the essentials together.

    Now its time to test my grand hypothesis with others doing the simple things that I have learned. Wish me luck. But I dont need it. I know that I will get there, after all it only takes a few minuets a day, and I have another 10 years to become a virtuoso at it.



  • christopher 11:14 am on January 16, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Success Re-Defined 

    What is the end-game really? How does society define “success”?

    For any long term goal may take 3-5 years to master and achieve. These are the types of big accomplishements that perhaps we agree are a major form and definition of “success”.  Starting a new career, new business, buying a home, etc. Not just starting it, but years later sharing the fact that “I made it! I arrived!” The only problem is that it takes 3-5 years of persistence to get there, on these types of goals.

    How do we stay motivated to continue on in spite of all the time, and distractions,  and set backs that may happen along the way. How many things like this have you started and now look back and wish to yourself you had stayed the course?

    Success Defined

    Is it enough to just keep your mind focused on the end game. One of the problems is that the mind tends to value the short term as more important than the long term. The day to day and the problem of tomorrow is more important than the problem 3 years from now. To be sure anticipation of the master achievement can be motivating for someone  to continue on and overcome this days barriers. So therefore if you want to loose wieght then all you have to do is imagine how great it will be to have less weight when it is all over. Current situations tend to re-frame our long term abmitions when faced with day to day barriers. An example would be getting a new car because your current car is getting high mileage, and retirement funds can wait another year. Eating just one piece of chocolate cake wont be so bad, because I am at a birthday party and I should participate.  Imagining being a millionaire at retirement, just may not help you to overcome a desire for a new car. Just like imagining being skinner 6 months from now may not help you to not eat the cake.

    I have been doing some study of this and have discovered something about overcoming barriers on a day to day basis that lead to the big dreams. It is the small successes that are most important. It is the awareness of this and the anticipation of the small successes – that get you throgh the day to day. I did a little digging and what I have discovered is supported by scientific studies. The small wins that are framed in reference to the day to day, along with a few other factors, are enough to keep one motivated. All we have to do is cultivate a mindset and habit to stay aware of these day to day wins.

    It is the myraid of hundreds of small wins and barriers overcome that eventually add up to the big game. More specifically it is the habit of cultivating awareness of these patterns and devolping the mindset to pay close attention to the day to day barriers and wins of overcoming the day to day barriers.

    Example: If you were playing a video game and the only reward that you could get was the ultimate completion of the game, it is likely that the game would probably be a bore. No levels, no rewards, no novelty. If on the other hand, there are lots of small wins in a video game, and new and novel experiences that lead to more small wins, skills attained, then the game is fun and addictive. The ultimate completion of the game is not as important as just making it to the next level. The video game builds this in, and keeps you alert to the small wins, and gains. Life doesnt have this necessarily. Unless you have a coach who knows your day to day, it’s not likely you will get a bonus for sticking to the long term plan. I am not saying that you need a coach. A notebook at least yes. An app perhaps.

    So how do we do this with our major dreams and ambitions? How do we cultivate and addiction to the small wins? How do we stay addicted to making the long term goal happen?

    This is the subject matter of the book that I am working on.

  • christopher 6:59 pm on December 30, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Growth Mindset 

    For people with a growth mindset, the brain becomes most active when it receives information about what it could do better next time. This is opposed to the result oriented or fixed mindset – whereas the belief is that abilities are fixed, and talent trumps all, etc.

    “It is extremely important for parents to to make their feedback process related, as opposed to praising or criticizing talent.” -  Josh Waitzkin

    Watch this Youtube video to get a better background.
    Tedx Manhattan Beach Eduardo Briceno -
    End of the Rainbow
  • christopher 2:54 pm on December 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Follow the Money 

    I had a big idea recently. It contributes to ideas and prototypes that I have been working on for several years now.

    I have at my core a desire to improve others and make them stronger and better. I especially have interests in people like myself. Small business owners. The little guy out there that takes their job home with them and looses sleep at night sometimes.

    I realized that we feed corporate America and the big guys. How do we do this? We do it because we spend our money with them. We buy gas from corporate chains, and order products off the internet from companies owend by Wall Street.

    Perhaps its a problem of just not knowing alternate places to spend our hard won money. I can help fix that problem. It fits in with soloutions that I have already been working on.

  • christopher 1:21 pm on November 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Gettin There Faster 

    Gaols in the background.

    Gaols in the background.

    If you have dreams somewhere on the shelf collecting dust,

    chances are that you “maybe think you know what you need to do next” to get them rolling.

    If you aint rolling already then more probably

    what you “think you need to do” isnt what you really need to do.

    If it aint done, then what you think you need to do isnt what you need to do.

    If you had known what you needed to do you would be doing it already.

  • christopher 4:17 pm on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Success as I see it 

    What is success? What does it mean to you? How do you define it?
    I define success to myself as “FREEDOM.”
    My perception of freedom is “being happy in the moment with a certainty that things are going to be better.” In other words, “I have become free of a barrier or hindrance or lesser condition.” Along with this is a certainty that “I know how I achieved that freedom and how to continue to achieve that freedom.”
    Make note that my definition of success has nothing to do with a quantity of any physical possessions whatsoever.
  • christopher 8:23 pm on October 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    As I become more and more cause over my own habits, and thus my life, I have started to question something really big.

    How much of our lives are affected by other people around us and their uncontrolled habits?

    I think that habits will develop, if we design them, or if they just happen to fall into place. I only just recently started to get control of mine, and this was after many moths of study and months of diligently working on my eating habits to then loose 40 pounds. I am just a novice, even after all of that work.

    With regards to others who have never paid much attention, I dont think much of their habits are under control. So how much does that affect me and my life, to be surrounded by that much lack of attention for habits?

    I am thinking that I will have to take responsibility for others habits as well as my own, if I am to become a full master of habits, and thus create life to be whatever I want it to be.

  • christopher 1:58 pm on September 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Look @ it 

    The habit of habits is to have awareness of ability to be cause over habits. This is certainty that you know you can control your own habits.

    This is done first by review, by assessment of oneself with relation to where one wants to go, by looking, by close looking and navigation of how one constructs ones daily universe.
    Then it is by controlling environment in such a way as to remove the distractions that then lead to bad habits. Play it out and do it for the day. Then start back at reviewing it and looking at it. Did it work? If so keep doing it. If not change it up again, and keep looking at it until you figure it out, and get it.
    Don’t stop looking at it. If you do nothing else, make sure that you keep looking at it on a daily basis.

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