As I become more and more cause over…

October 17, 2012

As I become more and more cause over my own habits, and thus my life, I have started to question something really big.

How much of our lives are affected by other people around us and their uncontrolled habits?

I think that habits will develop, if we design them, or if they just happen to fall into place out of chaos. I only just recently started to get in control of mine, and this was after many moths of study and months of diligently working on my eating habits to then loose 40 pounds. I am just a novice, even after all of that work.

With regards to a lot of others who have never paid much attention, I dont think much of their habits are under control. So how much does that affect me and my life, to be surrounded by that much lack of attention for habits?

I am thinking that I will have to take responsibility for others habits as well as my own, if I am to become a full master of habits, and thus create life to be whatever I want it to be.

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