Fast Ride

The Fast Life

January 24, 2014

It is amusing to think back on things that I wanted to learn or do or become that I did not learn or do or become. If I had only stuck with it. If I had only spent 10 minutes a day on those things, boy it is 10 years later, then now I would be a virtuoso!

This is what I am studying and building. Grit. How to get onto those things and stay with it. But more than that it is how can you take those things and turn them into absolute “ease” and make it fun. This is what is happening to me as I am building a simple system that puts just the essentials together.

Now its time to test my grand hypothesis with others doing the simple things that I have learned. Wish me luck. But I dont need it. I know that I will get there, after all it only takes a few minuets a day, and I have another 10 years to become a virtuoso at it.



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